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Take classes and/or buy Laurel's books to  learn high-end professional drafting and sewing techniques used in custom haute couture and high-end industrial designing departments. This classroom-tested program presents the professional fashion design, pattern design, and clothing design procedures used in the world’s top design rooms to produce beautifully custom fitted, highly desirable garments like those sold in high-end boutiques in Paris and New York City. These are the skills you need if you wish to learn how to sew more professionally for yourself and your family, have a small business or wish to start one, or are working in the industry or would like to work in the industry.

Professor Laurel Hoffmann teaching high-end design room techniques.

The only entrance requirement is that you are able to sew two plies of fabric under your sewing machine at home. The industrial fashion design methods, pattern making, grading, fitting, and clothing design skills taught in this program will help you to advance in the industry, start a home-based fashion design business, and/or sew high-end luxurious clothing for yourself and others. You will learn to draft professional patterns from measurements, how to copy ready-made garments, and how to custom grade patterns to fit.

The classes are fun. Students quickly
find they have much in common.

The program teaches how to achieve
good fit for all figure types and sizes.

All of the sewing required in the program can be done on any basic lock-stitch home sewing machine you already own. A lock stitch machine is a sewing machine that uses bobbins. You could even use a treadle sewing machine, an old fashioned lockstitch machine that uses no electricity. Although you will learn about industrial sewing machines minimal equipment is needed because the more expensive the garment, the less equipment needed to make it. You will need a sewing machine at home. You will also need some drafting tools and the course textbook; written, diagrammed, and classroom tested over the past 15 years by Laurel Hoffmann, the course instructor.

Laurel uses a Featherweight Singer Sewing machine in the classes to demonstrate the sewing. The Featherweight Singer Sewing machine is a lockstitch machine that only sews forward and back.
This is a green, environmentally friendly fashion education program. Minimal equipment is
required. All drafting can be done
with basic drafting tools and pencils.
All sewing could be done on a treadle
sewing machine. Except for
pressing, even electricity isn't needed.
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Visit Laurel's blog for high-end fashion tips and procedures at Contemporary Fashion Education blogspot.

Both Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts and Sewing Pants and Skirts are being edited and have been taken off the market. Their second editions will be available in early fall of this year.

Laurel is one of the top 1% most endorsed on @Linkedin in the United States for Sewing.

If you are interested in buying Laurel's books please visit the website link below

Registration for spring classes is open. Grading & Sewing a Blouse and Skirt is scheduled in the mornings, Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts is scheduled in the afternoons.

Laurel's classes are now taught at Holy Martyrs Church in Oreland.

Read Expert offers courses in making high fashion at home, written by Kaitlyn Linsner, published in the Springfield Sun.

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  Laurel is a technical designer/production patternmaker who learned her skills in the industry. The step-by-step textbooks she has written will enable you to quickly achieve
professional results.

The program is now taught at Holy Martyrs Church in Oreland where Laurel is renting classroom space for her program. The location is one mile from the Fort Washington turnpike exit, has a huge free parking lot, and is two short blocks from the Lansdale/Doylestown train station. A pizzeria, restaurant, and bakery are within a block.
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Prospective students are welcome to audit a class
before signing up to determine if this program is for them.


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